Why Invest in Gold?

Today, possibly more than at any time in modern history, holding gold in your portfolio is crucial to your protection against market fluctuations and currency inflation.

Physical precious metals, unlike any other monetary asset, have no counterparty risk and is regarded as one of the best and safest stores of value and a hedging tool in times of crisis. Physical gold has captured the imagination of humanity over the millennia and has long been the ultimate means to both display and preserve wealth.

“Gold prices have, on average, risen by more than 20% per annum when real interest rates are 2% or lower, like they are today.” – Mark Bouris

Today, hallmarked 999.9 purity gold bars and coins remain the standard for gold investment. Quantum Metal supplies gold at the LBMA standard, literally the ‘gold standard.’

Price Feeds


In Grams (G)

In KilogramS (KG)

GOLD USD/OZ 1777.91 1781.3324.52 1.401779.951751.68
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR/OZ 2410.112419.2721.750.91 2414.74 2387.47
NEW ZEALAND 2524.332529.1934.81 1.402527.232486.09